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Brian has been working in education as a high school teacher and student leadership advisor since 2009. He spent a little over eight years teaching abroad at a private international high school in Shanghai, China where he taught IB English A and Theory of Knowledge. He also worked with the student leaders helping to plan, promote, and present various activities and events for the student body, including the schools first ever TEDxYouth event. He was also an organizer for TEDxSHSID. In 2016, he moved back to Mariposa and started teaching at Mariposa County High School, his alma mater. He currently teaches English and is the Director of Student Activities. As the Director of Student Activities and the Associated Student Body (ASB) Advisor and work with Mariposa's student leadership team to plan, promote, and present various activities and events. He has focused on school climate and culture, and work to promote engagement and involvement among the student body to promote a since of pride and purpose. Working closely with the Administration, he has helped introduce a weekly newsletter, increased the social media presence, and is introducing the GrizzlyStrong Character Dare weekly character challenges. Brian is always looking for new and innovative ways in which the school can continue to work together and support the students and the community, and he is happy to support and give back to a school and community that has supported him in his education and career.

Mariposa County High School

Brian Moczygemba

Caroline is the owner of BB’s Catering and KAL Estates Venue in Mariposa. She was born and raised in Mariposa and is now raising her two children (Emma 12 and Ethan 9) here with her husband, Undersheriff Briese. Caroline loves cooking, traveling, and being a part of this incredible community.

Caroline Briese

Gabe is an expert in cloud services and IT service development, currently working for UC San Diego I.T. as the Cloud Product Manager, and was previously the I.T. Campus Software Manager at UC Merced. Locally, he works for his wife’s business - Amber Edwards Photography – and occasionally pretends to be a handyman at The Alley and Brick Wall Boutique. Gabe sits on several corporate and non-profit advisory boards including the Sierra Foothill Charter School, and has been involved in the development of numerous projects that have revolutionized services where deployed. He has a passion for volunteering and is driven to make the world a better place. He focuses on non-profits and education, bringing his knowledge in process improvement, project management, and business planning to enable creative solutions. When he isn’t spending time with his wife and son, he can usually be found working on home improvement projects with friends, or supporting local businesses with his patronage.

Amber Edwards Photography

Gabe Edwards

Originally, my home was in Southern California until life changed for the better and my husband and I decided to raise our family in his hometown. I immediately fell in love with the beauty and a sense of community that Mariposa offers. We've set our roots down in this enchanting town and couldn't be happier. Being a mom of two beautiful daughters and working alongside my husband in our small businesses, I can easily say that I enjoy every minute of being here. Everything I do in my life I do with purpose and pride and being able to serve on the Chamber is something I am definitely looking forward too.

Jessica Chaney

Kass is the owner and designer at Sierra Sisters’ Designs, a small design company who focuses on web, graphic, and print. She designs and sells her products (cards, mugs, tea towels, and others) throughout the county and in Yosemite National Park. Her husband and their three boys (and one more boy on the way!) love living in and supporting Mariposa County. They enjoy adventuring locally and traveling afar – especially exploring National Parks!

Sierra Sisters Designs

Kass Bissmeyer

I obtained a B.S. and M.S. from UC Berkeley and spent twenty years working as a biotechnology scientist specializing in biochemistry and engineering, based in San Francisco. My partner grew up in Groveland, and a few years ago we bought a ranch in Coulterville where we have a vacation rental and we do small events like retreats and weddings. Last year we purchased the Coulter Cafe & General Store where our focus has been to bring live music, art, and entertainment to Coulterville, and build community by bringing people together.

Coulter Cafe

Kim Brisack

Nate is from El Portal and graduated from Mariposa County High school. He studied hotel restaurant management at Northern Arizona University. Nate owns The Grove House, a craft beer and wine bar/ bottle shop. I have a beautiful wife and daughter. I am hoping to make a difference where I grew up.

The Grove House

Nate Pyle

Sean is a Mariposa County local born in the small town of Midpines. Sean and his wife Kara are very active in Mariposa County including running multiple businesses such as the Brick Wall Boutique in downtown Mariposa and a small farm, PUSH Farms along with PUSH bed and breakfast in the boot jack area. Sean is also heavily involved in the industrial hemp market based out of Oregon and frequently travels back and forth. Sean and Kara have started to spread their roots in Mariposa County and are excited to help their home town grow.

Sean Inman

Bridget was born and raised in Mariposa where she developed her love of open spaces. Bridget has worked in land conservation at Sierra Foothill Conservancy (SFC) for 10 years and in 2015 was selected as SFC’s Executive Director. Since taking over as Executive Director Fithian has doubled the operating budget of SFC and expanded land acquisition and engagement programming. She oversees over 30,000 acres of conserved lands specializing in creative solutions to achieve conservation goals and working landscape conservation. Working with seemingly divergent communities from environmentalists to multi-generation cattle ranchers, to public utility districts, Bridget has helped conserve more than 15,000 acres in the central Sierra. Recent projects have established and expanded Mariposa’s first publicly accessible preserve- adjacent to local schools and protecting the town’s water resource, creating the largest private nature preserve in the Sierra Foothills, connecting 27,000 acres of conserved lands in the San Joaquin River Corridor, and participating in the first Sierra Meadow restoration GHG carbon sequestration cohort. Bridget graduated from UC Santa Cruz. She lives in Mariposa with her husband and two daughters and enjoys a life filled with family and beautiful open spaces.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

Bridget Fithian

Dan Fournier is a self-motivated fun loving father, husband, and community advocate passionate about photography and the outdoors. He believes that all business’s in Mariposa county are as important as the next, and deserve equal amounts of attention and community support. Dan is a lifelong entrepreneur, excelling at public relations and outreach. For the past few years Dan has been working with APG Solar as an energy consultant, helping families and businesses get out from under big utilities thumb, and enjoy energy independence through onsite renewable energy.

APG Solar

Dan Fournier

Jeff is the owner of the local Farmers Insurance Agency in Mariposa. He has been successful in protecting local families and finding coverage for properties that are difficult to insure due to our wildfire exposure in the area. Jeff and his wife, Laura, moved into the area with their two beautiful daughters last year after living in the Central Valley for almost a decade. When he takes time away from the agency and also his metal fabrication business in the valley, Jeff and his family enjoy traveling, especially to places where they can take advantage of him being fluent in Spanish. He is excited to be part of the Chamber and looks forward to getting more involved with the local community.

Farmer's Insurance

Jeff Shaw

John has the elite status of Director Emeritus! John is our only Director Emeritus and provides great insight to the Board’s past and decisions that have been previously made. When not spending time with his family and beautiful grandchildren, he also serves as a member of the Car Show committee and is truly dedicated to making our county the best it can be!


John Ward

Keith owns and operates The Alley Lounge in downtown Mariposa. His wife and four kids moved to Mariposa from Yosemite National Park five years ago. He has been working in the hospitality industry for the last 25 years after his completion of culinary school in New York. In his spare time, Keith enjoys fishing, hiking, and camping.

The Alley Lounge

Keith Erikson

Kristin Cullen has been serving the community of Mariposa for four years as the Branch Manager for MERCO Credit Union. She has worked in the financial industry for over 14 years. Kristin currently lives in Merced, CA where she was born and raised. She enjoys baseball and loves spending time with her two children Miley & Greyson.

Merco Bank

Kristin Cullen

Rob is a retired engineer of the mining and power generation industries. He and his wife of 40 years, Mary Ann, are the owner and operator of Posada Mariana Bed & Breakfast. They have four children and three grandchildren. Rob is committed to helping with economic development in Mariposa County and offers consultations on planning and risk management pro bono for all Chamber members.

Rob Fox

Xav seeks unique ways to inspire individuals to action. He works with leaders to recognize that personal daily choices, and the way we relate to ourselves and to one another, create greater opportunities for social, cultural, and organizational change. As a senior consultant for KSG Consulting Group, Xav works with For-Profit, Nonprofit and Government Agencies to support Change Management and Staff Empowerment. As founder and CEO of evox Television & Marketplace, Xav brings years of entertainment industry experience to this new conscious media and commerce company. As a B-Corp and member of the SVN Community, Xav and evox is dedicated to transforming the way we interact with entertainment, conscious commerce, community, and the world. From his background producing performance events as a means to activism, with Greenpeace and Amnesty International, evox has emerged as the expression of that pioneering entrepreneurship—an action platform supporting health, sustainability, quality of life, service, the planet, commitment, and connection.

Xav Dubois


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