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Best Hiking Pants For Men: The 5 Choices To Pick

Hiking is so far the best way to strengthen your muscles and enhance your endurance. Both men and women can do this; even the busiest ones.

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A hiking routine cannot be effective without a good pair of hiking pants. Finding a specially designed pair for walking benefits you in many aspects. Hiking pants are the key to boosting the efficiency of exercising. Not only that, men can wear them for comfort when not in a workout or doing exercises.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Let's go straight to our topic today to find out more about the 5 best-hiking pants for men.

Top 5 Best Hiking Pants for Men

Kuhl Renegade Cargo Convertible Pants

Starting the list today is Kuhl Renegade Cargo Convertible - known as one of the best men's convertible pants.

This item is made from Duralux fabric, which delivers a superbly soft feeling at the shell.

Wearing these pants helps you protect yourself from UV radiation. This advantage is all thanks to the UPF 50 sun protection of the pants. With 95% nylon and 5% spandex in the component, it offers a quick drying time.

Kuhl Renegade Cargo comes in a wide range of sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL). It is easy for a man to choose their ideal size. Inside each cargo pocket, there will be some compartment pockets to maintain the pants' flexibility for many uses.

Kuhl Renegade Cargo pants have a retail price of $99. It may be slightly more expensive than any other pair of hiking pants that you own. Nonetheless, any young men who are intrigued by outdoor activities should have a pair.


  • Versatile

  • Comfort and mobility

  • Water-resistant


  • Too thin and weak

  • Lack of motion

  • High price

Marmot Arch Rock Pants

Marmot Arch Rock is one of the renowned waterproof hiking pants for men.

In terms of fabric, the abrasion-resistant nylon is the main feature to resist water. This item is good for blocking the sun, thanks to the UPF 50 protection.

Obviously, men tend to choose the tougher challenges which require them to encounter rough rocks and terrain. Using Marmot, the gusseted crotch can help them with easy movement.

The stretch construction will be sure to minimize obstacles on the way to heading for the hills, mountains, etc. Moving comfortably from low to high elevations is no longer a hard-to-reach task.

Each pair of Marmot Arch Rock Pant costs about $75. The price cannot be more reasonable for the quality of outdoor gear like this.

Marmot offers quite versatile options, not only just hiking. No need to wait for a specific plan, everyday wear is so far a good choice for Marmot.


  • Lightweight

  • Softshell

  • Good material


  • Baggy

  • Weak water resistance

  • Long length

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Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

People usually say that this item is one of the best hiking pants for women. Sure, that's not wrong at all.

However, men are more familiar with these hiking pants. For some reason, this item is known as the 'trekking pants for men.'

Using UPF 50 fabric, men can fully protect themselves against UV radiation. Another advanced technology to expect is Omni-Wick. This technology helps get rid of the sticky feeling when there is too much moisture.

Sizes and colors are both diverse for men to choose their own styles.

With Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible, you will totally find a pair of good convertible pants. These pants cost approximately $60 - an average price for men to pay.

Moreover, this item is better with the REI Co-op Roll-Up included, which helps perform better overall.

A small notice for you is that this item lacks a water-resistant component, which leads to limited versatility. Despite that, for men who are enthusiastic about outdoor activities, this is still worth giving a try.


  • Durability

  • Weather resistance

  • Convenience


  • No stretchy fabric

  • Restrictive fit

  • Reduced mobility

REI Sahara Convertible Hiking Pants

REI Sahara contributes a lot toward the success of men's convertible hiking pants. Wasting time looking for the best summer hiking pants? You must not have known about this item before.

The fabric used for REI Sahara contains a minor difference from other similar pants (94% nylon/ 6% spandex). No matter how rough the trails are, men challenge themselves to get through, and they can stay as dry as the original condition.

There is something new about this item - the center gusset. Along with the stretch fabric, both of them are expected to provide comfortable movement. This feature allows men to try out challenges with various motion.

On the market, they are typically sold at a price of $70. The UPF rating is higher (50+) to prevent the absorption of UV rays. These hiking pants seem to be the most essential in men's luggage for a long journey!


  • High UV prevention

  • Smooth

  • Soft


  • Tight

  • Small waist

  • Restrictive

prAna Stretch Zion Pants

The last item for our list today is prAna Stretch Zion. These hiking pants seem to be already familiar to men for many reasons.

We can say that the prAna Stretch Zion is an updated style of their previous versions of hiking pants. Their flexible features include roll-up leg snaps, cinch belt system, and ventilated inseam gusset. These are available for many challenging activities for men.

Apparently, men like this item because it looks like a pair of normal pants. Unlike the simple features, they have quite impressive advantages.

Among them, fast-drying and water-resistant abilities are most expected.

The prAna Stretch Zion costs about $85 per item. With many benefits included, I assume this is an ideal price.

UPF 50+ sun protection is applied to these pants. Sunburn will no longer be a big issue for those with a bright complexion.


  • Free movement

  • Convertible

  • Breathability


  • Short crotch zipper

  • Slow dry

  • Water absorption

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In closing

To sum up, hiking pants offer plenty of advantages for men. The five items above have been chosen carefully to be decent options.

In this article, we hope that the provided details will be able to help men have the best choices.

Nowadays, there are many options on the market. However, for outdoor activities (hiking, backpacking, etc.), choosing the right pair of hiking pants is the top priority.

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