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Unforgivable mistakes in the image of the protagonist

The hero of the wrong novel.

This is probably the rarest and funniest mistake. I encountered it in two versions.

In one case, the author perfectly - vividly and grippingly - introduced in the first chapter a bright, visible and charismatic hero who... had no other part in the story. Nothing at all. Moreover, pay someone to write a paper in 3 hours the real heroes of the novel in the reader's mindset looked noticeably paler in comparison to the one whom the author wrote first. Naturally, the main feeling in the reading was bewilderment and partly disappointment. I would have loved to read a novel where the protagonist from the first chapter was the main character! 🙂

On another occasion, college essays for sale I read with unrelenting interest the story of a young heir to a tribal chief for a hundred-plus pages - with adventures on a long journey, attempts to arrange a personal life, and battles with warriors of a neighboring tribe. I read it until the heir returned to his native tribe with victory and... died. As a result of a conspiracy. And the action of the novel - with new problems, new conflict and new characters - moved to a very different time era. At that moment, the feeling of annoyance and deceived expectations was hard to convey with censorious words... 🙂 Don't experiment on readers like that - there is a risk of completely losing their trust and, accordingly, their willingness to give their time and attention to your stories.


Remember algebra homework help the most important principles of the protagonist - he must be directly related to the main conflict of your story, he goes to the Main Goal and his hands solve the main problem. If this is not the case, move the hero to the secondary or episodic category, and bring to the forefront - from the very first scenes! - that character who meets all of the above criteria.

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