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Who Can Submit a Dissertation Review?

In this case, there are several options for the development of events. As a rule, a certain scheme works. One of the most common is the following: the dissertation sends duplicates (copies) of the paytowritepaper abstract written in advance to his future opponents. On its basis, opponents write their opinion, which is then attached to the papers necessary to defend the work of the dissertation.

Answering the question posed in the subtitle of the article, it is worth noting that there can be three different reviewers here. The easiest way is to write a review with the help of your supervisor. In this case, the undoubted advantage is the involvement of the supervisor in this work, since he sees how the collection of information is going on, he can supervise the conduct of experiments and various studies. With a serious attitude to writing a dissertation, the support of a supervisor can be not only timely, but really priceless. Once written, the review is submitted to the evaluation committee so that it can make its own verdict.

Also, a member of the department can become a reviewer. But in this case, not any one is suitable, but only the one to which the research topic relates. An advantage with this option may be an uncluttered look, as well as the opportunity to impartially look at the work, especially if the graduate student has absolutely nothing to do with the teacher who will write the review. But the absence of a favorable personal factor can sink, as well as a bad relationship with your own supervisor.

A certain organization that is involved in the work of the dissertation can act as a reviewer. The head of this unit draws up his text of the review. Then it must be approved at a meeting of the council members. It is important to remember that the review must contain information about this organization. In addition, the text must be followed by the signatures of the chairman of the commission, secretary, head.

As can be seen from the text presented just above, not only scientific, but also interpersonal factors are involved in the preparation of the dissertation.

It is very important to be on good terms with opponents, as well as with the supervisor. When writing any comments, should try to soberly assess how fair they are. Of course, no one forbids defending your positions, but you need to do it as correctly as possible. Because otherwise it can end very badly.

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