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Can Javanese Cat Breeds be kept as ESA? - 2022 Guide

Japanese bobtail and Kurilian bobtail are the two breeds that originated in Japan. These breeds have their own peculiarities and characteristics and are very popular in Europe. They are generally considered to be intelligent, active, and sociable. Now, whether this Japanese breed of cats can be good ESA or not is a question that is being explored below. Yet, the final decision of their being an ESA for you must be made in consultation with the doctor because he is the one who is authorized to issue an ESA letter that officially grants you to keep the pet.

Japanese Bobtail:

It is a medium-sized cat with short and longhair varieties. They have strongly developed muscles that make them agile by jumping great heights. Bobtails are a loving, sweet, and highly intelligent breed of cats. They love human company and play for long hours. They trained to learn their name and love toys to play with. They are highly sociable and enjoy the company of people. Bobtails never get intimidated, even in the presence of a dog they assume they dominate the house. They are equally friendly with other cats and preferably with Bobtails. Japanese bobtails are known to be hypoallergenic cats because of their lack of undercoat fur that is responsible for someone’s allergies to cats. They are also known as clannish because of their friendship with their little mates. These bobtails were the residents of the Japanese royal family. They have a sweet melodious voice and with the help of this sing-song voice can get what they desire.

Japanese bobtails can be good ESAs, hence get an esa letter for housing because of their socializing nature and intelligence. They adapt to the routine and love cuddling. Though they are not lap-cats yet they want to be around and sleep beside in a bed. They jump high so need perches to exercise toys like feather teasers could be useful in this regard. They exercise enough to maintain their body shape and keep healthy. Their coast is soft and silky.

Kurilian bobtail

These are medium to large in size strong cats with a wild appearance. They look brawny with substantial boning yet despite their physique and appearance they are very gentle. Each Kurilian cat has a unique signature due to its unique tail structure. Their distinctiveness from another breed of cats is mainly due to their peculiar tail structures. It is almost impossible to find identical tail structures. The short and bushy tail can be shaped like a snag, whisk, and spiral with different degrees of articulation. Their appearance weight-wise is mostly deceptive yet these are brawny and heavy cats that can generally weigh 15 pounds. They are agile and observant too. Keenly notice the happenings around them. Additionally, In order to obtain an ESA for a cat, the procedure is the same as that of an emotional support animal letter.

ESA characteristics in Kurilian Bobtail

These are highly intelligent, clever, sociable, independent, trainable, playful, and very gentle. They readily give in to the commands of their owners and always stick around. They are trained to do anything yet at times they act moody. They can adapt to any kind of environment be it home or office. Also, they are sociable with children, dogs, and other cats around. They are relatively easy to care for and mostly require love and brushing.

Kurilian Bobtails trace their origin to Russian Island where they were adored domestic felines for their mousing abilities. They have a natural hunting instinct and are very agile in their prey. Kurilian cats are still unknown in North America yet popular in Europe for their laid temperament and are granted championship status by ITC in 2012. These are less prone to diseases as compared to other breeds of cats. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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