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Women are such a thing, give some color to open the dyeing room. yuan Jie has gone to invite Yin Tianxi twice, twice! Yin Tianxi also wants how to do, is difficult she also thinks that day's matter, she this when Niang also has the fault. yuan Jie a person is not enough, but also have to pull her when the mother to apologize, Yin Tianxi is willing to go back to Jane's home?! Such a daughter of the Yin family, such a legitimate daughter. If I had known this, I might as well let yuan Jie marry a humble concubine. Anyhow know why the husband is precious, listen to the arrangement of the mother at home, dare not give her so many little tricks! yuan Jie went out to pick up Yin Tianxi twice, but it didn't work out. If yuan Jie runs to Yin Tianxi again, what will Shen Xinyi think? Shen Xinyi will think that yuan Jie cares more about Yin Tianxi who doesn't understand etiquette. In this way, will Shen Xinyi still marry yuan Jie? She has let herself not to care about Shen Xinyi Niang and the master, she suffered so many grievances, in order not to let yuan Jie marry Shen Xinyi, please the master, and have the wealth of the Shen family as backing. She worked hard and did so many things for the sake of yuan Jie's future. yuan Jie, can Yin Tianxi have a hard life? This Yin Tianxi is also too ungrateful, this brain will not move. Not only did not help yuan Jie, draw Yin Tianxi, but also give her this mother-in-law out of the situation! Mu lady really wish time could go back, Yin Tianxi this daughter-in-law to retire, marry a obedient and clever daughter-in-law! Face has, but Linzi, she is almost Yin Tianxi to get sick! "Mother, you can rest assured that the young lady must be a good woman who can be taken out and understand etiquette and chastity.". As for the training of the little lady, after all, the little lady is a child's woman. If you can't even control a woman and need your mother to teach you in person,Mechanical fine screen, how can you save face if you say it out? "So I won't bother my mother about the matter of the young lady in the future.". If the mother is not used to the behavior of the little lady, just tell the child directly, and the child will certainly let the little lady correct her mistakes. From this quarrel, Chien yuan-chieh has learned his lesson. If he put the little lady and the mother together, then the more he said, the more stiff he became, until at last there was a lot of trouble. It is better to let him protect the young lady and not let her teach her a lesson. Maybe he can avoid some war between two women and make his life stable. yuan Jie, at this time, you still protect Yin Tianxi, do you want to spoil Yin Tianxi to heaven? Mrs. Mu felt that her son did not live up to expectations and was crushed to death by a woman!


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