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The reason for everything is that when the health of the city gate is 70%,warehousing storage solutions, the bone dragon hovering over the fortress will begin to attack the siege team! These undead bones are real dragons, each of which is more powerful than the big bosses on the legendary mainland. Three bone dragons come out together, plus those powerful skeleton archers and countless skeleton mobs outside. It's not surprising that the major guilds are destroyed. The major guilds are also destroyed because of 70% of their blood volume. They can't afford to cooperate. Don't be afraid! Just hit it! But the dragon slayer is not what it used to be, although facing three extremely powerful undead bones, the leaf dust still did not put these three undead bone dragons in the eye. Level 3 Legion Charge! Leaf dust staff with one stroke, with a level three legion charge skills! Yes, it's a level three legion charge! After the legion is upgraded to level 5, the skills on the leader's sword have not actually been upgraded, but the leader's sword has an additional ability, which is to temporarily increase the level of a legion skill on the leader's Sword by one level. This ability can only be used once a day, now the leaf dust is to let the legion charge skills, into a third-level legion charge! Under the charge of the third level legion, the experience of killing monsters is increased by 70%, the attack defense is increased by 50%, HP and MP are increased by 50%, the movement speed is increased by 15, and the additional skill of triple strike is used. In ten seconds, the attack damage can be tripled! Level 3 legion charge attributes, is undoubtedly extremely abnormal, coupled with the level 5 legion badge attributes, the body of life attributes, mountain God statue attributes, as well as the priest blessing of various blessing skills, dragon slayer legion members of the attributes, has easily reached the original attributes of two to three times! —4234! —4321! —5512!…… "Ha ha, what a powerful injury!" The members of the dragon slayer attacked the undead bone dragon with all their strength. On the head of the undead bone, there was a huge damage. Under such a huge damage, the members of the dragon slayer could not help but get excited. Three undead bone dragon is very fierce, but the dragon slayer members, not only attack high, defense is also amazing, blood volume is not to be underestimated, although the undead bone is fierce, the blood volume of the people hit the roller coaster, but eventually was forcibly killed by the people, huge corpses fell near the city gate, burst out three piles of equipment props. Those ordinary players who followed the battle were all jealous, but no one was dizzy and wanted to come forward to rob. The third watch. J Chapter 427 Mounted Egg. Chapter 427 Mounted Egg. The place where the three undead bone dragons died was not far from the leaf dust. The leaf dust planted a duckweed and moved together. I


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