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Link to Mariposa County COVID-19 Webpage:  


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Link to California Department of Public Health Hotels, Lodging, and Short-Term Rental Guidance: 


Link to 6/9/20 GoTo Meeting Business Reopening for Hotels, Lodging, and Short-Term Rentals:

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Mariposa County Business Status: 

This is a dynamic form that provides information pertaining to the status of various businesses in Mariposa County during COVID-19.
Please note this is a working document that we will continue to update as changes arise.


Mariposa County Official COVID-19 Webpag

Mariposa County is working to keep you up to date on the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click on the button below to remain informed on the current status within Mariposa County as well as find links to answer any questions you may have.